– Luigi Marangoni


The cellar consist of four rooms:

  • an air-conditioned room for the steel tanks
  • a room for oak barrels and for drying where a ventilation and dehumidification system has been provided, in case the weather conditions require it;
  • a built-in shed, where destemming, wine-pressing and fermentation will take place;
  • a bright and welcoming tasting room, capable of accommodating even large groups. We have taken care of the details of the structure.


The chemical analysis defines the clay soil, rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, useful elements to give body, flavor and minerality to the wine that can be produced.
Unfortunately, our territory has some contraindications for vines, though they can be overcome with some attention, a lot of passion and love for the environment.


Passion and a lot of love for nature have given life to this relaxing oasis.
What we have illustrated above is the work carried out over the last 20 years with the aim of preparing a suitable environment for an organic vineyard and cellar. The last 10,000 vines planted are the result of a selection of plants resistant to Peronospera and Oidium with the aim of also avoiding the use of sulphur and copper.


13 November 2023

The third edition of San Martino Flavours Festival is back in Legnago, a town close to Le Carezze. 16 food and wine local producers took part in this local event and among them, Le Carezze Winery! This edition has been focused on the flavours of the territory, combined with culture, tradition, and celebrations.

08 November 2023

On November 3rd, Le Carezze Winery took part with great pleasure at this event organized to celebrate the beauty and complexity of wines produced through agronomic practices and biological, biodynamic and natural cellars. Le Carezze wines perfectly match the concept promoted in this event: the preservation of a territory’s natural authenticity ensuring biodiversity heritage for […]

25 October 2023

For the first time in the United States, on October 22nd and 23rd, we attended a B2B event organized by International Wine Expo (tag @internationalwinexpo) with Vinitaly. A high-level event that allowed us to meet several buyers from all over the United States and Canada. Le Carezze, with its own project, is proud to be […]


Hi, my name is Martina and I am in possession of the Sommelier qualification.
I visited the countryside and the winery: in addition to being a lovely place for biodiversity, I was able to taste fine wines with intense aromas, so much mineral and well structured. Right balance between quality and price.


Those who love high quality wines must absolutely look for this winery in the Veronese countryside in the Terrazzo area. You will not find signs and the contained production of about 10,000 bottles is known only by the lovers and connoisseurs of the area. A vineyard of about 30 hectares absolutely certified organic. The wine varies between Malvasia, Pinot Grigio and Merlot. You will be surprised by the quality that comes from the passion and competence of the owner, Mr. Luigi, who produces with his team with love. Love that feels persistent like the scent and taste that you will find in your glass.


Today during a wine tasting on Lake Orta we discovered a young Veronese winery that produces very particular and high quality wines: Le Carezze winery. Genesi, Jupiter, Diana and Vulcanus are their wines produced with grapes ranging from Malvasia to Pinot Grigio for whites to Merlot for red. All wines are rich in aromas, well structured and with a lot of minerality. The value for money is excellent, especially considering that these are organic products. We hope as soon as possible to organize a trip to the countryside of Verona to visit the winery and the vineyard and find out how, in an area not traditionally suited to the production of wines, Luigi managed to transform the passion and love for the land into products of very high quality.


Last Saturday, at Cantina Le Carezze, immersed in a vineyard kept like a garden, I spent a nice evening in good company, tasting good food accompanied by the excellent wine produced. The idea of suggesting how to combine food with the right wine is interesting.
Definitely an experience to repeat.


Passion and seriousness combined with honesty and the courage to produce organic wines in deeds and not just in words. A beautiful ecosystem in which the growing bunches are expertly processed through the drying technique in order to obtain high quality wines at the expense of quantity: intense aromas, marked minerality and structure are the trademark of Le Carezze wines.


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