The famous Slow Wine Guide 2023, the most complete and latest publication in the wine sector at Italian level, talks about our Winery in an article dedicated to Piwi grapes and how, especially in our region, it is aiming to this type of cultivation. 

This is the article published in the famous Slow Wine Guide 2023:


Veneto is the Italian region where the Piwi cultivation is most prevalent. Piwi is the German word acronym of PILZWIDERSTANDFÄHIG, that means fungus resistant grapes. They are species obtained from a crossbreed between the Vitis Vinifera and the varieties of wild grapevine, able to resist to fungal attack. In this way, is possible to drastically reduce the number of treatments in the vineyard, copper and sulphur ones included, with great benefit for the surrounding environment. 

There are several farmers that are doing these kinds of experimentations, reserving some plots of land for Piwi grape varieties that then are aimed to specific wine-related projects.

Considering that they are newly created varieties, there is a lack of experience for the vinification process that makes, managing the wildest features of these grapes at best, very difficult. 

Some convincing examples are the Gentili Souvigner Gris, the Roeno Solaris Repanda and the Giannitessari Rebellis, reviewed in this guide. But there are also farmers that have dedicated most of their production to the resistant vineyard cultivation, such as Terre di Ger, halfway between Venetian and Friuli regions, or as Le Carezze Winery, founded in 1994 in Terrazzo, in the Veronese plain, by the visionary Luigi Marangoni, on clayey soils. 

Where before, an intensive farming of fruit trees prevailed, today there is an environment with a rich biodiversity of high stem trees, lakes, hedges and resistant grape varieties; johanniter, fleurtai,palava,cabernet volos and sauvignon kretos. 

Among the wines produced, we recommended the white wine JUPITER from palava grape, with tropical fruity and citrus aromas and a pleasant salty taste came from the clayey soil, also the enjoyable GENESI Charmat Method, from fleurtai and johanniter grapes with a touch of Malvasia, a wine that stands out for the elegant, fruity and salty drinkability. 

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